Our Story


Modest Up was born after a frustrating swimsuit honeymoon shopping experience. Finding a swimsuit that was modest yet fashionable and flattering proved a real challenge.

That feeling of wearing my newly-wed husband’s blue oversized t shirt paired with leggings and pretending to look cool at pool side was truly awful. The nightmare wasn’t over, for my next holiday I decided to buy a modest swimsuit from Amazon. It ripped within hours of wearing it not to mention it wasn’t flattering to my figure at all.

This gave me an epiphany, surely, I wasn’t the only girl who was going through this. After a year and half of constant re-work up, Modest Up is now ready to launch.

Our collection of swimwear includes something to suit all body shapes and sizes. Our swimsuits are made from the highest quality fabric with UPF 50+ protection. They are not only comfortable to wear but are fast drying. The double lining in our swimsuit ensures that the fabric will not stick to your body while wet.